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Sure why not. I'm a healthy American living on the East coast. I love being healthy and want all people to be healthy. Obviously thats not realistic, but hey I can always hope? My number one rule is to love yourself. I dont know how anyone can go anywhere without loving yourself. Really loving-not just liking. I'm new to blogging and once i figure out how to post comments (very soon hopefully if not already) PLEASE share tips and ideas.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Throw away the diet- live healthy

(Consult a doctor or a medical physican before embarking on a large weight loss journey)
If you read my blog yet, which I dont think you have since I really dont think anyone has..., then you would know I have a passion for being healthy. One big thing about being healthy isn't cheating and dieting, strict diets where you cut out tons of things-sometimes even full food groups-its just well, being healthy. The best tip on dieting that I've ever heard is-dont diet. I dont mean eat what ever you want, I do mean dont think of it as a diet. Its a lifestyle change, a permanent change. A diet isnt just like dying your hair and it fading away eventually. A diet is more of getting married and commiting not just for a few months or years, but for life. It's not something you should do because you think you should, or you are told to, its something you should do because you want to be healthy! Now obviously as I said dont cut out entire things. If you are a fast food eater I want to let you know one thing. I can promise you that there is in at least a mile or two radius some sort of super market or grocery store. Fast food is SUCH crap! It really is. Yes I have had fast food cravings, but if I do go there and do get something I always feel so gross after! It makes me feel lazy and unfeeling, because of how bad it is. If you are a chronic fast food eater (b-l-d) then see a nutritionist. I know what you might be thinking. I just said dont cut out things entirely, and now im saying dont eat this at all. The thing about fast food is- you can still have those types of meals, just much healthier. Chronic midnight run for fries? Go to your grocery store and find UNSALTED sweet potato fries. Make sure they are not high in fat or cholesterol. Dieing for a cheeseburger? A Turkey burger with cheese and two BIG pieces of delish lettuce instead of a bun-amazing. I once had a jenny-o turkey burger with a SMALL bit of chipolte mayonase (emphasis on the small) and it was amazing. Mcdonalds/wendys/burger king/ etc. salads are so disgusting. Really they are! My favorite type of salad is spinach leaves with walnuts, dried cranberries, mandarian oranges, and a dressing of olive oil with lemon and a tad bit of honey. Always make your own meals! Seriously its SO much fun. They say that the friends you make in college and highschool can last forever, and the reason its true is beacuse you are experiencing new things almost every day. Having a cooking partner not only is a great way to get close or bond with someone, but a great way to be healthy. Now back to more "dieting" actaully im throwing out that term. Dieting. Dieting sends the wrong impression. living healthy sounds much better. Live healthy. Well another part of living healthy is, as I said, always cooking for yourself when ever you can. If you are tight on cash find REALLY easy recipes that have a few ingredients and are easy to make. Believe me- medical bills are WAY higher then cooking for yourself, I PROMISE! Now another thing. Going out to a restaurant isnt something I'm going to say DONT DO! Why not? Always try to order something that is not fried, breaded, or stuffed. Always ask to customize if you dont see anything healthy, and do NOT be afriad to send something back. Oil is a great replacement for butter, and it tastes fresh. Also try and ask for any dressing on the side, and attempt to customize or remove anything too unhealthy. This way you can put as much or as little as you want, without adding unneeded calories. Now if you are working out at least for an hour 4-5 times a week I'd stick to a 1800-2200 calorie diet (Male) 1400-1600 calorie diet (female). Obviously its differnet per person, especially if you are doing a lot of intense exercise, which would lead to an increase of calories. Also if you eat CRAP for food instead of healthy alternatives, you will not lose any weight. I have so many more tips but i feel this is coming to and end, so let me leave it at this. Live life as though every day in the future holds better things. LOVE yourself. REALLY DO. Thats all for now. Comment if you have any questions or comments. AND PLEASE FOLLOW

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