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Sure why not. I'm a healthy American living on the East coast. I love being healthy and want all people to be healthy. Obviously thats not realistic, but hey I can always hope? My number one rule is to love yourself. I dont know how anyone can go anywhere without loving yourself. Really loving-not just liking. I'm new to blogging and once i figure out how to post comments (very soon hopefully if not already) PLEASE share tips and ideas.

Friday, May 28, 2010


(consult a doctor or medical physican before embarking on your own weight loss journey) Well I was contemplating whether or not to post again today, and decided I should. My main topic of choice for now is exercise. Out of all things that i know about a healthy life style, exercise is the thing I know the most about. In children 10 and under (approx.) around 13-30 minutes of moderate exercise (running around, playing outside, etc) is suggested. In children 11-14 30-45 minutes of regular exercise (running, sports, outside activity) is suggested. In teenagers 15-19 around an hour or two of moderate exercise. For an adult (18-19-20 and up) an hour a day at least 4-5 times a week of regular exercise is suggested. If you are very heavy and over weight, consult a doctor before taking a weight loss journey, but if they leave you creative thought in how you would like to exercise, I would definitly start out by walking then moving on to swimming (not intensive) and eventaully running or walking with haste. Patience is key in exercise, and if done correctly it can be enjoyed sooo much. Common question that I hear. Does exercise really make you happy? The truth, yes and no. Exercise releases endorphins, which can make a person happy or excited. But really it is the boost of esteem, the picturing of a better and healthier life style, and the emotional relaxation that comes with exercise. I know this may go againts people, but I am a strong believer in excessive weight lifting or intense muscle building exercises do an equal amount of harm as good, maybe even more. The body does need fat to survive, its a proven fact. Intense exercise can be fun at times, but really if its too powerful and you get hurt or injured or feeling an EXTRAORDINARY amount of soreness (a small to moderate amount of soreness is normal with exercise) then you arent getting what you really want from exercise; a happy way to live and be healthy. I remember the first time I sat down and biked on a stationary bike for 60 minutes straight. I sweated more then I ever have most likely, but i enjoyed it so much. I used to only be able to do 15 minutes- 20 minutes- and 30 minutes, but I slowely built up and was able to break a fun and easy exercise goal. I stretched for 20 minutes after that, and later that night I felt amazing. Set goals for yourself in exercise that are obtainable, yet tough. Also at least once a week try to exercise with a partner or friend, because this really helps to cleanse the body and eliminate stress-just try not to get competive. Also be careful not to take the extreme of this and always exercise with someone, I would save at least one day a week to exercise by yourself because it always you to discover what you are good at, try new things without being pressured, explore how far your body can go under a normal circumstance, and really destress alone and get some peace and quiet! Hah! Oh also I LOVE exercising to great music, I dont buy into the crap of fast paced songs for while you start slower in the middle and motiviational during the end. I think all music should be to your tatse, which in its own way will be motivational. Another tip. If you watch a tv show-lets say how i met your mother monday nights at 8, work out while you watch. 30 minutes on the bike while watching the show is so much better then just sitting on the couch watching. Make sure also to get plenty of downtime, I only suggest this tip if you did not get your daily exercise that day, and over exercising can be a serious problem. If you believe you over exercise or have a fear of not getting your daily exercise, I would consult a doctor just to be safe. better safe then sorry right? If you dont get that then think of it as better safe then chronic arthiritis pain. Okay well I have tons of tips but its time to sign off for now. Dont forget to follow/friend me! Hopefully I have one reader by now. Im hoping for at least five in a month. BE HEALTHY AND LOVE

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